Below for your convenience is a list of the most frequently asked questions answered by our sales and support staff. A list of FAQ's regarding RFQeXpert are also available. If your question is not answered here, let us know.

  • "What does a subscription to DefenseData cost?"
  • "What types of data can I find on DefenseData?"
    • See our data section for a list of databases and their contents.

  • "Can more than one user access a single user subscription at one time?"
    • No. Access to Defensedata is sold on a "per concurrent user" basis. Subscriptions to the system are inexpensive and multi-user discounts make them affordable for your entire organization.

  • "Do you offer multi-user discounts?"
    • Yes. Up to ten users can be registered online right now and have immediate access to the system. See our pricing page for discount details.

  • "Do you have xxx information for xxx number in your database?"
    • Our databases contain over 100,000,000 records of information and we cover all NSN's published in the MCRD.

  • "Is DefenseData like xxx software?"
    • The DefenseData system was designed from our vision of what would be a simple and inexpensive way to access large amounts of logistics information via the Internet. Since no systems like this existed at the time, we took our previous experience using and developing these type systems and designed our own. DefenseData may contain the same information as another product, but any similarities to other "software" based, CD-ROM products or legacy systems is purely coincidental (on our part anyway :').

  • "Is DefenseData related to xxx product?"
    • Defense Solutions Group also developed, owns and operates APLS "The Advanced Procurement & Logistics System" ,ElectronicsData , "The Aerospace & Defense Electronics Resource" as well as the new RFQeXpert system. In addition Defense Solutions Group is a Joint Electronic Commerce Partner with the U.S. Department of Defense providing EC services to the U.S. Military and their contractor base.

  • "Why do I need cookies enabled?"
    • The Internet is a powerful tool for delivering information, but it allows system developers few ways to verify their users. By accepting a non-persistent cookie (it is removed each time you close your browser) we are able to maintain that the user accessing an account is who it is supposed to be. This protects our users as well as DefenseData from possible fraud and misuse.

  • "Why do I need JavaScript enabled?"
    • Javascript is a simple programming language which is used for various convenience features within DefenseData. Without having a Javascript enabled browser, DefenseData will not operate as intended and may cause errors.

  • "Why do I need SSL enabled?"
    • All information dealing with your account/personal information on DefenseData is encrypted using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. This allows relatively safe transmission of personal and financial information via the Internet. Most browsers will give a visual clue when information is being sent via SSL (usually in the form of a lock image in the lower corner of your browser). Without SSL we cannot responsibly accept or transmit sensitive information to your computer.

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