Example output from the DefenseData system
Below are brief descriptions of a few of the DefenseData interfaces with a link to example output. RFQeXpert examples are available also.
Detail Report
The Detail Report on DefenseData instantly searches multiple databases to provide a comprehensive single page report of all related records. A Detail Report can be produced based on a NSN, NIIN, part number or mil-spec and the system will automatically interpret and properly apply your criteria. Each database shown in the Detail Report can also be inquired individually as shown in later examples if only a specific type of data fits your requirements. Other database results may also appear in this type of search where applicable. In this example output note that all items highlighted in blue would be hyperlinked to definitions of the related codes and/or search types within the DefenseData system for one-click inquiry.

Cage Search
The CAGE search option on DefenseData allows you to inquire by company name or CAGE code any contractor (or military entity) registered with DoD. CAGE searches automatically locate related, associated and replacement CAGE codes as well as displaying records from the Central Contractor Registry in tandem with the complete CAGE (H Series) database. And most search results on DefenseData that display CAGE codes are automatically hyperlinked so that this report can be completed by simply clicking on the CAGE code (see the Detail Report example page for illustration).

Browse Federal Stock Classes
DefenseData allows you to browse all current Federal Stock Classes (FSC) and optionally click on the FSC to view the definition of that particular classification (including appropriate inclusions/exclusions) as well as browse any or all of the NSN's contained within that FSC.

Federal Stock Class Detail
An example of browsing all NSN's within a specific stock class (FSC). Each item is shown with a link to a Detail Report for that item as well as a link to it's item name code (INC) for a quick definition of that type of item. Due to the potential size of the result set, DefenseData breaks ranges of NSN's into logical groups (as needed) to enhance delivery.

Federal Stock Class Definition
An example of a Federal Stock Class (FSC) definition search is shown. There is a link that allows you to browse all the FSC's in this particular class. This search provides a summary of what type of material and substances are in the particular FSC, it provides FSC notes and the Federal Stock Group (FSG) also.

View NSN's by CAGE Code
This search allows you to search a CAGE Code and view related NSN's from the Master Cross Reference and Procurement History databases. It provides a summary report, sorted by stock class (FSC) and then allows one-click access to a Detail Report about specific NSN's as well as more details about the Federal Stock Class (FSC).

Master Cross Reference
Example output from the MCRD database which helps locate alternate part numbers, original suppliers, applicable NSN's and much more. Searchable by NSN, NIIN, part number or mil-spec and the system will automatically interpret and properly apply your criteria.

Procurement History
A Procurement History search provides previous procurement information about specific items. These results provide Contract Number, Award Date, NSN, Quantity, Unit Price and the Cage Code/Supplier for the award. Searchable by NSN, NIIN, part number or mil-spec and the system will automatically interpret and properly apply your criteria to the appropriate NSN.

Interchange and Substitution
Interchange and Substitution search allows you to see all interchangeable and compatible parts for NSN, Milspec or NIIN. It also serves as a cross-reference for similar NSN's and different NSN's used for each branch of the service.

Management Data
The central sourcing and inventory control guide for the DoD logistics operation. This is where many DoD personnel begin their search for supply sources and contains various critical details about millions of NSN's.

Technical Characteristics
A textual technical description for millions of NSN's. This database can assist with application of the item, components, materials used, size, shape, physical description as well as applicable design references.

Ammunition Catalog (AMMO CAT)
AMMO-CAT is a separate database containing only ammunition related items. It serves as its own cross-reference, interchange and management database. It also includes related technical descriptions for the items within the database. NOTE: This is a specialized database and can only be inquired by NSN or part/mil-spec.

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