Distinct Advantages

DefenseData offers its users distinct advantages over other military and private information products. Below are just a few...
  • No CD's or software to install on your PC. DefenseData operates with the same browser you are using to view this page.

  • DefenseData automatically interprets NSN's, NIIN's, Mil-spec's and part numbers and locates the related information for you in one quick step.

  • Hyperlinked records allow you to get related information with a single click

  • Upload up to 1000 numbers at a time for quick data access.

  • Ease of use: No training or reading through complicated manuals is required. Simply enter your search criteria and let DefenseData do the rest.

  • Low cost access: Systems like DefenseData can cost four times (or more) what you will pay here. If you need a simple, easily accessible and cost-effective solution, DefenseData is the clear choice.

  • Save valuable time and effort: The most significant logistics databases are aggregated into one powerful system via DefenseData.

  • The intelligent interface knows what type of search you requested last and retains this information until you change it.

  • Integrated, one-click Excel spreadsheet creation for database results (I.E. cross-reference, procurement, etc.)

  • Detail reports allow you to separately display an individual database result into a page suited for quick printing

  • Online account management. No need for reps. to visit or call to update your account information or change subscription terms. You have complete control over your account at all times.

  • Efficient user interface: DefenseData is designed for the professional logistician to access large amounts of data in an easy to use system.
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